Submitted Resolutions 2019

Dear Sixth District Democratic Convention Delegate,

Please review these resolutions before the convention on Saturday, April 27. It is important that you decide if there are any resolutions that you feel need to be pulled out of this group of 53 resolutions for individual discussion and possible amendment before being voted on.

Our practice is to group most resolutions into an Omnibus package that will be approved by the convention. This practice saves valuable  time and allows delegates to focus on a relatively small number of resolutions for debate, amendment, etc.

Do not pull an amendment for minor reasons, such as typos, grammar, syntax or references to specific city, county or district names. Also, do not worry about combining duplicate resolutions from different counties. A state-level committee will clean up the errors, reconcile differences and merge duplicate resolutions. Your job, as delegate, is simply to pass them along, or, if you have serious concern about one, have it pulled so you can discuss it and take appropriate action to either make the content acceptable, or reject it, or refer it to committee for more work.

At the convention, be prepared to quickly and efficiently request your list of pulls, if you have one. Hopefully, most , if not all, are acceptable to you as they are written. After all, they were voted on at the county conventions and approved there.

Please email me if you have any questions about this process. I can be reached at


Jim Meredith

6th District Chair.

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