Non-Partisan Redistricting Petition

It is no secret that gerrymandering hurts all voters, regardless of party. The practice puts in jeopardy the very rights we as Americans hold dear. When lawmakers craft districts which give one party an advantage over another, we are allowing our legislators to pick their own voters instead of the voters picking their legislators. We call upon both houses of the North Carolina General Assembly to immediately create and enact legislation to appoint a non-partisan committee to redraw House and Senate districts in advance of the timeframe proposed in HB DRH10050-BK-2 (HB 200), prior to midterm elections, and prior to the potential special elections, now under consideration in the Supreme Court.









Failure to proceed with redistricting will serve as proof that the leaders of the House and Senate, who control the process, have no interest in working for the people they are supposed to represent. This petition will be distributed to all members of both houses in the North Carolina General Assembly, regardless of party affiliation.

To read the full resolution, which is the basis for this petition, please click the link below.

Redistricting resolution for petition (pdf format)

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