From the 6th District Democratic Party Chair

A word from Jim Meredith, Chair of North Carolina’s 6th District Democratic Executive Committee:

The 6th District Congressional Campaign of 2018 campaign is over, and although we did not elect Ryan Watts to congress (this time), he and we ran a race to be proud of. In all 8 counties of the district, volunteers, many of them first timers, knocked thousands of doors and made thousands of calls. Ryan was everywhere and by the end of the campaign; we were all amazed by the stamina, character, positivity and leadership of our bright, young candidate. Mark Walker was only able to keep his seat, thanks to gerrymandering. We had an incredible campaign! And those gerrymandered district lines will soon be redrawn!

Ryan may not have won a seat in Congress, but he and we who supported him turned out over 120,000 votes. Those same 120,000-plus voters helped to break super-majorities in the NC House and the NC Senate. They helped elect Anita Earls to the NC Supreme Court and John Arrowood, Allegra Collins and Toby Hampson to the Court of Appeals.

They also were instrumental in rejecting two constitutional amendments that would have wrecked North Carolina’s system of constitutional checks and balances.

We can be proud of our candidate and what we of the 6th District accomplished together. And we know that when redistricting occurs, this team will prevail, because this group of energized and committed people can and will win in a fair election, and the next one will be.

Thank you all for what you have done in this campaign. Rest for a short while, but remain engaged and come back strong. If we stay committed, together, we are going to create a great future!


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