LETTER: Congressman just can’t put partisanship aside

I was disappointed but not surprised at Rep. Mark Walker’s town hall on May 30.

I had hoped for a little contrition for his vote on the American Health Care Act, now that the CBO score is out. Instead, Rep. Walker lectured us on deficits and mandates and all those things he must think are important to constituents selecting an insurance plan.

When you’re uninsured and waiting in the ER for emergency brain surgery like I was four years ago, you don’t care one whit about cutting the budget deficit or whether the guy next door is mad about a mandate. You care about whether you have insurance and how you’re going to pay for a surgery that costs the same as a starter home.

Later that year, I enrolled in a health insurance plan through the ACA. In previous years, I had been turned down by insurance companies because of a pre-existing condition. My subsequent surgeries are covered by my insurance plan and I no longer worry about bankrupting my family with medical bills — that is, until the House passed the AHCA.

Had Rep. Walker spent his time in Washington wisely, he could have put partisanship aside and worked to make the ACA work better for people in his district who need insurance. Instead, he chose to toe his party’s line and help facilitate the obstruction that kept any fine-tuning on the ACA from happening.

He did exactly nothing to make the law better for his constituents and now has the gall to complain about its shortcomings.

Congressman, we have seen where your heart lives. What you consider most important is what we see you strive to protect: The money. You cannot serve God and mammon, Rep. Walker, but as a Republican politician, it’s a given that you’ll try.

Diane Hubbard


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